Spring / Summer 2017 Tech Conferences

I love tech conferences. And it's great, because there are so many on many different topics. I've watched some over the last few months that are very inspiring.

The overall theme coming up is AI. Google is now all in w/ AI first apps, Microsoft's keynote had great AI and has added many AI APIs in their Azure offering. Also - Recode's Hillary Clinton talk spent time on how AI is a weapon that affects our elections.

I took a few courses on AI in college, and it is a topic I'm interested in learning more about in the coming years. There are many opportunities.

A lot of people think of AI as this big scary thing. Overall, I'm optimistic about the possibilities to learn, find, and experience more. It also creates opportunities for us to focus on what we want to do and removing difficulty in hard, boring things from our lives.

Don't worry, I read / watch tech stuff all day, and I don't see any terminators in our future. I think our future holds apps that serve us better, interact with us better, give us better recommendations, see and find more, and of course, drive us where we need to go.

Here are a few links to the great conferences I've seen recently.

If anyone has any others they recommend I watch, let me know. I'm addicted.